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Explain this layered cake to me!

  • Model - Objects with properties that you will be working with. Also used for validation on forms and a place to sculpt data.
  • ViewModel - Includes your Model plus any other relative data for that view. This includes page, page size, message and others. Inherit from BaseViewModel class.
  • Controller - This is where you prepare the data for your ViewModel object that will be used in your Views. Inherit from BaseController class.
  • Service - Implement methods to explicitly gather data from a data source. This layer will allow us to change the way we gather data without having to change all of our code.
  • View - This is where you will create the displayed page. No logic should be used in here, only code to format the data.


SVN Filter

For any using SVN, use this filter to help limit the junk files place into the repository please. I have attached the file, you can load it in when adding the property in TortoiseSVN.

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